Mischa Barton Opens Up about Her Breakdown, Recovery and Comeback

Mischa Barton speaks out for the first time about her struggles with drugs, body image and the breakdown. She reveals, in her own words what happened to her, as the world witnessed her downward spiral which lead to psychiatric hospitalization. She shares this and more in a People magazine cover story. The 27-year-old London-born actress — who got her initial start in theater in New York City — suddenly skyrocketed to fame in 2003 when she was just 16 years old, portraying Marissa Cooper in the internationally popular teenage drama series on Fox, “The O.C.” She got the usual accolades that attractive young up-and-coming actresses receive including the “one to watch” kind of magazine coverage, the solid placing on the usual lists; People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” people and so on. Looking back, Mischa Barton has much to say about what she now is calling a “full-on breakdown” as she speaks out in the aptly titled “My Hollywood nightmare” cover story. What began as the heights of fame for which she was not, as a teenager, prepared for led — as we have sadly witnessed so many times before — to the partying which led to substance abuse, which led to […]Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RightCelebrity/~3/nOzWfg9uBgI/
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